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Writing Tips #1

Writing Tips #1

From Larry Loyie and Constance Brissenden
Authors of As Long as the Rivers Flow and The Gathering Tree

How to start writing? Pull up a piece of paper and a pen or tuck yourself in at your computer and start writing today.

. What are you thinking about today? Begin there.

. Forget about spelling and grammar. You can get back to them later.

. The best writing comes from your own “voice.” How you speak and think is how you can write.

. Hear the voice that talks inside your head and write what it is telling you.

. Keep you writing in a special place — a large envelope, a drawer, a diary.

. Get to know yourself and your family better by writing your family stories.

. Got 5 minutes? Write for 5 minutes. Five minutes now and then really builds up. Keep all your writing.

. Write down any family or cultural/traditional stories you hear. You are saving them for generations to come.

. Don’t let anyone steal a good story you remember. Write it down.

. Let it flow. Enjoy!