Residential School, A Children’s History … a forthcoming national history

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Residential School, A Children’s History 

A unique and remarkable forthcoming national history

It’s taken two years of writing, 20 years of research, and for residential school survivor Larry Loyie, a lifetime of living with the memory of residential school life. 
Residential School, A Children’s History will be published by September 1, 2014. We are honoured to announce the co-publishers: and Shingwauk Residential School Research Centre at Algoma University.
What makes this national history unique:
. written by award-winning Cree author Larry Loyie, a residential school survivor
. co-authors are Wayne K. Spear (Mohawk), with 15 years experience in the field (Aboriginal Healing Foundation and others) and Larry Loyie’s longtime collaborator and editor Constance Brissenden
. written as an introduction for all readers, including students
. includes more than 45 survivor memories from across Canada
. features more than 160 images of schools across Canada
. 96 pages, full colour, an attractive keepsake edition
. introduction by Larry Loyie includes discussion of the rights of children
. seven chapters explain: the residential school system, why did it happen (historical overview); the meaning of culture and traditions; leaving home and arriving at school; life at school; abuse, the dark legacy; friendship and laughter; moving on
. additional: key dates, map of residential schools, how to look at photographs, index, glossary
Follow this blog for more announcements on the progress of the book. Or email: for more information (Larry Loyie).

Proposed cover artwork by designer Dean Pickup of Beaumont, AB.Residential School Cover 2 high res

The Moon Speaks Cree book launch Feb 8 Peace River Museum

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The Moon Speaks Cree is IN! By Larry Loyie

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Larry Loyie is happy to announce his new book The Moon Speaks Cree, A Winter Adventure is now available (Theytus Books). You can order from; and elsewhere. If you have problems getting the book, email us at: In this photo, Larry opens the first box of the new book. See excerpt and summary below!

Moon Larry books 2

Excerpt from The Moon Speaks Cree, A Winter Adventure

By Larry Loyie

with Constance Brissenden

Illustrations by Bill Cohen

Chapter 1

The Old Trunk

“Winter will be here soon,” Lawrence said aloud, a small voice in the big forest. He walked alone, studying the trees that surrounded him. A few yellow leaves still clung to the poplars.

He was young but he could already read the seasons by the signs of nature. “If you look hard enough, you will see changes every day,” his grandfather, Mosoom Albert, had taught him.

Lawrence bent over to pick up a bright red leaf, his grandmother’s favorite colour. ‘This dropped here just for Kokom Bella,’ he decided. He smiled as he tucked it in his shirt pocket.

Nearing home, he saw one snowflake fall, then another. Soon the air was filled with big fluffy flakes.

In The Moon Speaks Cree, A Winter Adventure, award-winning Cree author Larry Loyie shares his memorable childhood.

Winter is an exciting season for Lawrence, an Aboriginal boy learning the traditional ways of his people.

The family’s four dogs bark and howl, eager to pull Papa’s toboggan. But what will Lawrence use for sliding down Rabbit Hill? Grandma tells him to “make do with what you have” and he does just that, inventing an amazing sliding machine to share with his sisters. Dire consequences result when brother Robert teases the dogs, teaching Lawrence respect for their way of life.

His adventures bring him closer to his family, especially his Grandfather and a secret sorrow. Larry Loyie captures the warmth of a cold winter in The Moon Speaks Cree.

64 pages; includes an Epilogue, Talking Points for Classrooms and a Glossary of Cree words. Recommended for chapter book study.

Also included in the “Lawrence Series” are As Long as the Rivers Flow (Tant que couleront les rivieres), Goodbye Buffalo Bay and When the Spirits Dance. Larry also wrote The Gathering Tree encouraging HIV awareness and prevention. He’s working on three new books, including Residential School, A Children’s History, a national school-accessible history with more than 140 images (available August 2014).