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Larry Loyie left us last year at 82 years of age (April 18, 2016) but his legacy as an award-winning Cree author and educator and proud traditional indigenous person lives on. Back in the early 1990s, Larry Loyie was one of the earliest residential school survivors to courageously write about this hidden history. He went back to school in his fifties to accomplish his dream of writing about indigenous culture, traditions, and history. He was determined to inspire others. He said, “I want to see libraries filled with books written by us, about us.” Here are some of the exciting recent happenings inspired by Larry Loyie and his books.

Golden Oak Award, 2016 — Larry Loyie’s national history Residential Schools, With the Words and Images of Survivors won the Golden Oak Award. The best-selling book, written by Larry Loyie, a residential school survivor and award-winning author, with Wayne K. Spear and Constance Brissenden is now in its second printing, approaching 10,000 copies sold. This is a crucial book on residential schools in Canada. To order: www.goodminds.com. The book is also available as an amazing iBook.

2017 Havana International Book FairLarry Loyie was represented by Constance Brissenden (partner and co-author) at the Havana International Book Fair in February 2017. This was an invitation by the Canada Council for the Arts. Canada was the featured country. Some 30 authors and many Canadian publishers attended the superb event.

University of British Columbia’s new residential school research centre project — Larry Loyie’s extensive research collection is being organized by Constance Brissenden for donation to the UBC’s soon-to-open residential school research centre. Constance Brissenden is working closely with UBC to organize Larry’s legacy of general indigenous and also residential school research books; residential school research files, binders, interviews, posters, letters and more; his personal files; extensive photograph collection and so on. This is the first donation of “fonds” to the new UBC centre. Larry had a long friendship and ongoing commitment to indigenous studies at UBC.

New Larry Loyie Memorial Page on Facebook — Please search for Larry Loyie’s new memorial page on Facebook and become a friend. Look for a black and white photo of Larry Loyie @firstnationswriter. The impressive photograph was taken by Lawrence Brissenden, Larry’s brother-in-law in 2005.

Much more to come! Thank you for reading this far. The blog which Larry Loyie and Constance Brissenden kept since 2004 crashed in January of this year. I hope you’ll stay tuned because many more projects and activities are in the works regarding Larry Loyie and his legacy.

About Constance Brissenden

Constance Brissenden (BA, MA, Theatre) is a writer, editor, and educator. In 1992, she met Cree First Nations author Larry Loyie in a free creative writing class in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Focusing on Indigenous history, culture, and pride, Larry and Constance were a dynamic duo. They wrote eight books together based on Larry Loyie's traditional childhood and his six years in residential school. After more than 20 years of research, they completed the national bestselling history, Residential Schools, With the Words and Images of Survivors (Indigenous Education Press). Together they gave more than 1,600 talks and 100 writing workshops across Canada. Larry Loyie (1933-2016) was dedicated to sharing his pride in his culture and traditions, and educating others about the hidden history of residential school. Constance Brissenden continues to share Larry Loyie's legacy. She is honoured to have been part of his inspiring journey, and continues to write, edit, and teach in his memory. Constance Brissenden can be reached at: firstnationswriter@gmail.com
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