Wild Waters, Larry Loyie’s new book, coming in March

COVER COMING SOON! Wild Waters, Inside a Voyageur’s World (Indigenous Education Press / www.goodminds.com) is a book from Larry Loyie’s heart. Larry and co-author and partner Constance Brissenden, started the book two years before he died in 2016. Constance promised to finish the book, and it will be out in early March. Larry’s four times great-grandfather, Tomma, was an Iroquois voyageur with the Hudson’s Bay Company on a famous 1828 journey from York Factory to Fort Langley down the terrifying Fraser River. The 148-page historical fiction chapter book was written for grades six to adults. Paperback; $20 per copy. Order from www.goodminds.com

About Constance Brissenden

Constance Brissenden (BA, MA, Theatre) is a writer, editor, and educator. In 1992, she met Cree First Nations author Larry Loyie in a free creative writing class in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Focusing on Indigenous history, culture, and pride, Larry and Constance were a dynamic duo. They wrote ten books together based on Larry Loyie's traditional childhood and his six years in residential school. After more than 20 years of research, they completed the national bestselling history, Residential Schools, With the Words and Images of Survivors (Indigenous Education Press/IEP). Together they gave more than 1,600 talks and 100 writing workshops across Canada. Larry Loyie (1933-2016) was dedicated to sharing his pride in his culture and traditions. Constance Brissenden continues to share Larry Loyie's legacy, with the completion of Wild Waters, Inside a Voyageur's World (IEP, available from www.goodminds.com). Constance Brissenden can be reached at: firstnationswriter@gmail.com
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