Larry Loyie’s legacy is growing

Hello from Constance Brissenden, Larry Loyie’s partner. Larry Loyie’s legacy as an Indigenous author, educator, traditional Cree, and residential school survivor has continued to grow since he died in 2016 at the age of 82 years.

An early photo of Larry Loyie and his partner Constance Brissenden.

… The Larry Loyie and Constance Brissenden Collection at the University of British Columbia’s Residential School History and Dialogue Centre continues to expand. I’ve worked on the organization of the collection since Larry died, with two visits to UBC. The archivists there are phenomenal… and the collection is big. In terms of digital files, images, and media (videos, tv clips, audio, etc) there are 12,377 items. Plus hundreds (perhaps thousands) of hard copy files, research books, interviews, and so on. The Centre continues to work on this collection to make it accessible.

An early photo of Larry Loyie and his partner Constance Brissenden.
An Indigenous child is depicted. On the left, they are wearing traditional Indigenous clothing and accessories. On the right, they are wearing a collared shirt, worn at residential schools. The cover says "Residential Schools, With the Words and Images of Survivors" and the text at the bottom of the books reads "A National History."

… Residential School, With the Words and Images of Survivors … third printing has updates, available from publisher (Indigenous Education Press)

… the above book won the 2016 Golden Oak Award

… As Long as the Rivers Flow, Larry Loyie’s classic children’s book introducing his beloved traditional childhood and its loss at residential school, sold over 22,000 copies in the USA in 2019. Available from, or from published Groundwood Books.

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